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Over the years, Balducci Vineyards has earned a reputation for serving fine wines with distinct character and flavor. This family owned operation works hard to provide its visitors with a delightful taste for every palate. From dry wines, to something a little sweeter, to the more robust Fortified Wine — Time Signature, there’s something for everyone here at Balducci!

Because our vineyards are on site, we are uniquely positioned to access and select lots of grapes at the peak of their perfection. This gives us tremendous consistency from vintage to vintage, and enables us to deliver the highest quality wines for you to enjoy throughout the year.

Enjoy a glass or bottle today. Godere!

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Dry White

2016 Vidal Blanc

Crisp with high acidity. Thoughts of Apple, Pear, and Lemon come to mind when drinking this Dry White. Fermented in stainless steel.

2016 Natalia

A blend of 60% Vidal Blanc and 40% Vignoles. Flavors of Peach, Apricot, and Honeydew. Fermented and aged in stainless steel.

2016 Rose

Crisp and clean and perfect for summer… or fall… or winter… or anytime for that matter. 82% Chambourcin / 18% Vignoles.

2016 Mia Bella

A dry white made from 100% Vignoles. No residual sugar in this wine. Aged exclusively in French Oak until we feel the flavors of the wine come into balance. A bouquet of Apricot, Peach, Flowers, Vanilla, and Butter.

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2016 Sonata

A blend of 80% Vidal Blanc and 20% Vignoles. Peach and Pear flavors compliment the slightly sweet finish. Aged in stainless steel.

2016 Chiaretto

An off dry blend of Chambourcin, Norton, and Vignoles with a pleasant touch of residual sugar. Drink at room temperature or slightly chilled.

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Dry Red

2016 Norton

Missouri’s official state grape. This dry red has excellent aging potential. Medium bodied and aged in French Oak.

2016 Aria

20% Missouri grown Cabernet Sauvignon, 65% Chambourcin, 15% Norton flavors or Pomegranate and Red Licorice and finishing with dark plum and baking spices. A dry red aged in French Oak for 7 months.

2016 Chambourcin

Aged in French Oak with aromas of Plum, Blackberry, Cinnamon, and subtle earthy notes. A splash, 5% Vignoles gives this wine a pleasing bouquet, while the French Oak gives delicate, but creamy baking spice complexity.

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Sweet White


A sweet white with a rich bouquet and appealing freshness. Perfect with fruit, cheese, or dessert.

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Fortified Wine

Time Signature Release Two

An intensely flavored dessert wine. If you’re tired of wimpy, over-hyped wine, this fortified red should do the trick. 80% Norton / 20% Chambourcin.

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